Troubleshooting Guide

This trouble shooting section is designed to help evaluate the performance of a transformer in the field. It is emphasized that only authorized personnel should be permitted to examine installed transformers.

Power must be shut off before any work is conducted on a transformer. It is also recommended that all terminals be grounded.



Onsite Staff do not know electrical codes or common electrical terms.

Transformer is overheating.

Noise & Vibration.

Transformer is Physically Damaged.

Secondary Voltage is Too High.

Secondary Voltage is Too Low.

Secondary Voltage Varies.

No Secondary Voltage.

Smoke is visible or smelled.

Nuisance Tripping of Fuses or Breakers at Energization.

Transformer is Covered in Dust.

Transformer has been backfed.

Transformer Has Been Stored in a Humid Area or Been Exposed to Water.

Excessive Conductor Heating.

Corrosion Damage.

High Neutral Currents.

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