HPS Power (Cast Resin)

HPS EnduraCoil

HPS EnduraCoil is a high-performance cast resin product designed for many demanding and diverse applications.  Coils are precision wound with copper or aluminum conductors that are electrically balanced to minimize axial forces during short-circuit conditions.  They are formed with mineral-filled epoxy, reinforced with fiberglass and cast to provide complete, void-free resin impregnation throughout the entire insulation system.

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Encapsulated cast resin windings are durable for the most demanding environments typically found in marine, pulp & paper and petrochemical industries
  • Minimal maintenance required beyond removing surface contaminants such as dirt
  • Compact design fits more easily into confined spaces
  • Greater resistance to short circuits
  • Self-extinguishing in the unlikely event of fire
  • Environmentally friendly
  • kVA ratings from 300 to 3000ANN, 4000AFN
  • High voltage (primary) ratings up to 34.5 kV Class; up to 150 kV BIL (BIL per CSA and IEEE/ANSI standards)
  • Standard taps +/- 2.5%, +/- 5%
  • Low voltage (secondary) ratings of 208Y/120V to 600Y/347V & 2.4-5kV up to 60kV BIL
  • Frequency 50, 60 or 50/60 Hz
  • Insulation systems: 150°C (155°C per IEC 60076); 180°C (185°C per IEC 60076)
  • Standard 80°C or 115° rise (others on request)
  • Choice of copper or aluminum winding material
  • Coil format choice of either cast primary/cast secondary or cast primary/VPI secondary
  • Approvals: CSA - C22.2 No. 47 & C9-02; UL - UL 1562, up to 3 MVA (higher ratings available on request)
  • Compliance: DOE10 CFR Part 431; NRCAN SOR/94-651; IEC 60076