Mini Power Centers

HPS PowerPlus

HPS PowerPlus™ is a convenient pre-wired power center that saves you time, money, and space.  HPS PowerPlus combines a pre-wired primary and secondary main breaker, secondary power panel, and dry-type shielded transformer in a Type 3R enclosure.

Simply add the required secondary breaker and you effortlessly have a power center that is ready for indoor or outdoor use.

15 Year Warranty on Transformer 
1 Year Warranty on Mini Power Center
Common PowerPlus Part Numbers include: M1PC015LESF, M1PC010LESF, M1PC005LESF, M1PC007LESF, M1PC010LESF7
  • Single phase, 60 Hz frequency
  • Ratings include: 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 25 kVA
  • 480 Primary, 120/240 Secondary
  • Shielded transformer
  • 180° insulation class
  • 115° temperature rise
  • Primary taps: 2 - 5% FCBN
  • Meets NEMA, ANSI, & OSHA standards
  • Type 3R indoor/outdoor enclosure